Vision Statement

Legacy Medical is an innovative Internal Medicine practice that attends to all aspects of the adult patient’s health care taking into account all aspects of an individual’s life, including nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, self-care and any acute or chronic illness in an effort to maximize that individual’s health.

We are committed to a new standard of care that blends the best of conventional medicine with an integrative medicine approach. Our mission is to provide effective, whole-person care by combining the best of conventional and complementary therapies.

Our vision is proactive. It offers the best preventive strategies to maintain good health, as well as the best scientifically proven strategies to restore health. Our goal is to find the root causes of ailments, not to mask their symptoms temporarily. Proven, minimally disruptive therapies are always considered first, with standard conventional care utilized whenever necessary.

Optimal health is available to everyone.

Health and wellness are our most valuable assets.

The whole person should be treated – mind, body, and spirit.

A compassionate and respectful partnership between patient and physician is essential.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself.